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ABout Us

at synergy we do things differently. 

At Synergy, we believe it is our professional responsibility to deliver the fundamental movement skills, training education, nutritional guidance and programming support to all of our clients in Fredericton. We welcome clients of all levels and backgrounds, and have a diverse team of coaches who have a wide variety of specialties, such as athletic/sports performance development, back pain management, injury rehabilitation, pre/post natal, youth development and general fitness education.

Our core values are deeply rooted in the belief that the best coaching should eventually require very little coaching.  For us, an empowered and educated client, becomes armed with a skillset that sets them up for long-term sustainable success.


This is the main point of difference in our operational model at Synergy.  With our team, you won't find traditional pay/session personal training models, group classes & HIIT circuits.  We will program you as an individual, monitor progress, adjust for you and continue to educate as your goals, abilities and needs or wants change.

Our clients are the reason we are here! They become part of our community and we take pride in sharing in their success as we grow relationships together.

Our Story

Back in 2011, Chris Schnare had a vision to start a company that would allow him to combine his personal experience and exercise science education with the ability to educate and coach others. After spending four years in the public and private sectors following graduation, Chris ventured out on his own and founded, at that time,  Synergy Training Center. Nine years later, the company was rebranded to Synergy Health & Sports Performance to better reflect the range of services provided.


The team has since grown to include a diverse group of  experienced professionals who deliver health, nutrition, rehabilitation, and sports performance education to a broad demographic in Fredericton and the surrounding area. Chris, a former competitive athlete himself, understands the importance of a strong support system and has developed the Synergy coaching system to not only provide support, but also to deliver information in an easy-to-understand way.


The team at Synergy believes that exercise does not have to be overwhelming and strives to make it easy to absorb and understand for everyone, regardless of their current experience, level of fitness, age, or injury status. 


We will provide a level of education suitable to each individual and work to improve their knowledge and abilities, layer by layer. New members are always welcomed at Synergy, and our team look forward to being part of your journey!


Our mission is to provide a highly qualified, unique and comprehensive customer support system.  We place a primary focus on exercise prescription to the general population, acute/chronic rehabilitation cases and sports performance individuals/teams (ranging from youth to World level).

Programming and Coaching

Unless otherwise decided upon during membership selection, all members will be coached, programmed, and monitored by our coaching team. 


Synergy is known first and foremost as a coaching and educational facility for our members.  After meeting with your head coach, they will complete a thorough needs assessment, identify programming requirements and design programming according to  goals, time availability, competing demands (such as sports schedules or a busy work or family life) 


The depth of our coaching education system and the flexibility of the facility is what sets us apart from your typical personal training and commercial gym environment.


We pride ourselves in having a variety of membership options that suit your specific needs and goals. One size does not fit all, and we make decisions based on the requirements and situation of each member.


Parent Responsibility 


We have a large number of youth athletes at Synergy.  With this comes an active role by parents to respect our hours of operation, attendance and needs as a coaching team.  We do our best to support these athletes, but the support of their parents and their commitment to get the athletes to the facility on a consistent schedule is of great importance for long term success.  With consistent communication, we have seen incredible growth and success in dozens of youth athletes, many of whom continue to be with us for over a decade!


Any unforeseen closures are posted to our FaceBook members page. It is the responsibility of the members to request to join this private page, or to use a different means of communication with their head coach (join our e-mail list, text, etc…).


During full facility closures (times when our coaching team are not on site), all members with 24 hour access are still permitted to use the facility at their own leisure. During specific time slots, the facility may be closed for one off seminars.  This is not frequent, and notice would be posted within the facility and on our members FB page.

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