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What to expect


At Synergy, we believe that everyone's fitness journey is unique. Our facility is designed to cater to the needs of high performance athletes and the general public alike, providing personalized coaching and individualized programming to help our members achieve their  health, fitness, and sports performance goals.


Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out, our experienced coaches are committed to helping you unleash your potential. Our thorough onboarding process ensures that we understand your specific history and needs, and we build individualized programming with that in mind. 

Inititial consultation & goal setting

Upon joining, an initial private consultation is completed, where we will go over how the Synergy coaching experience works as well as our membership options.


In our initial meeting, we will collect information on your injury and health history and previous training experience. Your head coach will then have the information they need to begin a thorough needs assessment.

We emphasize our “7-Pillars of Human Movement“, which provides an educational base for us to teach from and ensures all members understand how their joints work, how to safely apply training stress, as well as how to do so in a progressive and productive manner. We want to make sure your training with us is not only efficient - but safe as well.


Following a 30-minute educational component, all new members will get to complete an initial training session with us-where we will apply the movement lessons learned in real-time. This initial training session involves extensive coaching, explanations, and technical cues. We take the information further gained in this initial session to guide your individualized program design.

Read more about the fundamental differences between "Personal Training" and the coaching we do at Synergy.

Individualized programming

Aside from just providing full time coaching in a semi-private environment, we also ensure that your programming is constantly adjusted to meet your current needs, accommodate any injuries, and challenge you as you improve and progress through our training system.  You will be monitored, given feedback and any necessary changes will be made along the way to better ensure your success.

Our programming is divided into phases or training blocks and the length of any given training block with a specific developmental focus will depend on the individual.


For example, a new member coming to us with 10+ years of sensitivity and back pain will not be placed in the same category or needs as a current national wrestling champion or an uninjured 17 year old volleyball player with 3 years of previous strength training experience.


Needs are assessed individually, reviewed and appropriate programming prescription and education begin from there!

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