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Membership options

We have a variety of membership options

1 / Standard Rates

  • LEVEL 1: 3 Month

  • LEVEL 2: 6 Month

  • LEVEL 3: 12 Month

2 / Fully Customized

If one of our standard options doesn't work for you because of unique needs or scheduling conflicts, let us know and we can work something out for you.

3 / Open Facility Access Membership

Must be approved by Facility Director. These memberships provide instant 24-hour access and are granted to experienced lifters whom are comfortable managing their training on their own in the facility.

4 / Student Rates
  • LEVEL 1: 4 Month

  • LEVEL 2: 8 Month

  • LEVEL 3: 12 Month

5 / Family & team/sport club rates

We offer customized special rates for families or multi-person memberships as well as local sport teams and clubs.  Contact Director directly to discuss options.

Ready to Get Started?

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