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Helpful Strategies to Increase Your Chances of Success

Updated: Jun 21, 2023


Fitness and lifestyle goals will vary from one individual to the next. Goals will likely change multiple times a year, and whether you’ve been wanting to get started for some time, or are simply trying to get back on track-having a defined outcome goal can help keep you on track . Here are a few ideas to help you stay the course during your health and fitness journey: 1. Set S-M-A-R-T goals Specific: “I want to get healthy” is a general goal that could mean something different for everyone. Instead, try to be more specific- such as “I’d like to lose10lbs”, “I would like to add some muscle to my upper body”, or “I would like to be able to recover faster in soccer”.

Measurable: This is where you decide how you will track your progress and know when you have reached your goal. For example; if your goal is weight loss, determining how many pounds you want to lose, how you measure it, and what is a realistic time line to complete it in, are all helpful metrics you can set for yourself. If you can monitor it, you can better manage it. Achievable: You want to set a goal that will keep you on track. Aim for something that is achievable and realistic like a percentage of your body weight if the goal is weight loss. Example: I want to lose 5% of my overall body weight. Try to be reasonable when selecting goals. It is better to achieve many goals along the way, as opposed to one large goal with hard to measure intermediate stages. Relevant: Set a goal that is relevant to your lifestyle. A goal that means something to you personally as opposed to something that is more socially enticing or that will serve others more than yourself. Timely: This is where you set your timeline for the goals listed above and make an effort to adhere to the schedule you set in place. Short term goals are very effective and are easiest to stick to. They will encourage you to continue and help prevent distractions along the way. 2. Be accountable Stay accountable to yourself by remembering why you chose your goals to begin with and what it means to you. You may want to create a vision board or simply save a photo on your phone that will remind you of this goal. Accountability or gym buddies could be the reinforcement that you need, someone you choose to touch base with regularly to discuss your goals and the steps you need to continue taking to achieve them. If you want maximum accountability you could choose to hire a coach. Your coach will make sure you stay on track, design effective programs, give honest feedback, and even help give clarity when setting your SMART goals! 3. Tracking As mentioned above, things you can measure, you can monitor. It is important to track as many variables as needed to set you up for success. Training sessions, daily food journal, measurements and weigh-ins can all provide helpful information. The more you can see and analyze, the more accountable you can be towards reaching your goals.

These are just a few options that can help set you up for success. Combine the ones that suit you best and get after it!

Coach Christina :)

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