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Updated: May 10, 2023

Since Synergy Health & Sports Performance opened in 2011 we’ve offered very minimal distance-based, online training. Currently, given the global crisis at hand, we decided there will never be a better time to provide support for this many people who seek out our expertise and services.

Since technique and quality movement is so much harder to control online, previously we only made services available to those who’d first visited the facilities for in-person evaluations and technical coaching.

Basically I never wanted to water down my coaching services and charge for it, especially since I truly believe in the difference between what my company and services provide compared to many other "online coaching" programs out there.

We have earned and proven this point for almost a decade working with ALL ranges of clients.

Over the years, myself and my team have created systems that have allowed us to work with anyone we meet, and our programming reflects these systems.

Given the circumstances surrounding the current pandemic and the additional free time I have not had available in over 9 years, I am offering up a small number of memberships for online support.

In most cases, people have limited equipment available, and along with our members, we have been here to help and provide guidance.

With that said, you can now work directly with Synergy Health & Sports Performance coaches via online consulting and receive:

  1. Immediate access to our FaceBook private members area for daily workouts, technique review and support

  2. Program design appropriate to you and your available equipment (if any)

  3. Modifications for injuries and limitations

  4. Nutritional education services

To learn more and see if it’s the right fit for you, please reach out to us at and tell us about yourself, or click here to complete the form at the bottom:

We’re very confident that we can provide an accelerated amount of support and the interaction with our regular member base will be a great experience as well, as they interact, share photos and videos and I (Director) complete video Q & A's and education for our members daily during this time.

All the best,

Team Synergy!

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